Re: [isabelle] PIDE by example


Thanks for private mail shortening my struggle with git. My response times are still slow, because I'm busy with studies on scala and respective project setup.

These studies became necessary because my trials with new operations in libisabelle typecheck correctly, see

but throw exceptions as soon as I try to return XML (test_2 and Iterator, the latter not reached):

   wneuper at ProBook:~/proto4/libisabelle$ java -cp full/target/scala-
2.11/libisabelle-full.jar Hello_PIDE
   Hello world
   --- test_1:
   --- test_2:
   ###tracing val string: ts = toString...???
   Exception in thread "main" isabelle.XML$XML_Body:
    at isabelle.XML$Decode$$anonfun$9.apply(xml.scala:333)
    at isabelle.XML$Decode$$anonfun$9.apply(xml.scala:328)
    at edu.tum.cs.isabelle.japi.JSystem.sendCommand(System.scala:36)
    at Hello_PIDE.main(
   wneuper at ProBook:~/proto4/libisabelle$

My attempts with debugging are stuck presently:

(1) using the "more capable sbt" with tracing added to the scala code
would imho require a separate project for trials; after including


as a "Linked Resource" in the build path all trials with "import XML.Encode._" etc (ERROR "not found object XML") fail.

(2) replacing the "more capable sbt" by code from the standard Scala Build Tool for setup of a project in the Scala IDE was only partially successful. Looking at shows me, that your work started without the "more capable sbt"; hints for the respective project setup would be appreciated.

I'd rely on your choice, whether (1) or (2) is simpler to continue with.
In case of (1) a hint of how to import,
in case of (2) hints about setup of the Scala project ...

... both again out of scope of the mailing list, sorry


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