Re: [isabelle] libisabelle: embedding on Java-side

> ... Executing java at the appropriate directory works with absolute
> paths now:
>    libisabelle$ java -jar  /home/wneuper/proto4/dist/isac-java.jar
> /home/wneuper/proto4/repos/isac-java/src/java/properties/

I suspect this can be solved by adapting the path in

  JSystem sys = JSystem.instance(new File("."), "Protocol");

(instead of ".", use the appropriate path)

> However, now this question comes up:
> Is there eventually a chance (if (1) or (2) are solved) to run our
> application from Eclipse, if libisabelle is so sensible with respect to
> paths?

In principle, this should be possible. Environment variables in Java are
tricky, but luckily, Isabelle's Scala code allows setting the path in a
different way. I'll put it on my list.


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