Re: [isabelle] calling document build from Scala

On Fri, 3 Jul 2015, Gergely Buday wrote:

In an earlier message

That refers to Isabelle2013-2 and is a bit outdated.

it is advised to run

 $ isabelle scala
 scala> import isabelle._
 scala> = Options.init, progress = new
Build.Console_Progress(verbose = false), more_dirs = List((true,

to call document preparation which is said to be the same as

 isabelle build -D .

What is a running version of this, having Isabelle2014? I run this version as I use theories that are no updated to Isabelle2015.

The Isabelle/Scala function has changed very little in Isabelle2014 vs. Isabelle2015, so in both versions it works like this:

  scala>, new Build.Console_Progress(verbose = true), select_dirs = List(Path.explode("~/tmp/Test")))

This works best from the Scala console inside Isabelle/jEdit; see also section 2.5 of the Isabelle/jEdit manual.

You can also look at src/Pure/Tools/build.scala to see the full arguments of Scala allows named arguments with defaults, to get the sane invocation as above, despite tons of other arguments.

It all corresponds closely to the "isabelle build" command-line tool, which is documented in the "system" manual.


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