[isabelle] Two new AFP articles: Landau Symbols and the Akra-Bazzi theorem

Landau Symbols
Manuel Eberl

This entry provides Landau symbols to describe and reason about the asymptotic growth of functions for sufficiently large inputs. A number of simplification procedures are provided for additional convenience: cancelling of dominated terms in sums under a Landau symbol, cancelling of common factors in products, and a decision procedure for Landau expressions containing products of powers of functions like x, ln(x), ln(ln(x)) etc.


The Akra-Bazzi theorem and the Master theorem
Manuel Eberl

This article contains a formalisation of the Akra-Bazzi method based on a proof by Leighton. It is a generalisation of the well-known Master Theorem for analysing the complexity of Divide & Conquer algorithms. We also include a generalised version of the Master theorem based on the Akra-Bazzi theorem, which is easier to apply than the Akra-Bazzi theorem itself.

Some proof methods that facilitate applying the Master theorem are also included. For a more detailed explanation of the formalisation and the proof methods, see the accompanying paper (publication forthcoming).


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