Re: [isabelle] Parametricity for records

Hi Dmitriy,

That's good to hear. I am looking forward to trying this new command. In the meantime, I'll just define the relator myself.

How do you plan to handle the extensibility of records? Do you lift the BNF over the _ext types and use normal composition or do you plan to introduce constants for _scheme, too? This might also affect the selector issue in my other thread


On 20/07/15 18:40, traytel at wrote:
Hi Andreas,

there is a command in the making that will lift BNFs through typedefs (given that the
predicate is closed under map functions). Since records are type copies this will give you
the relator. Proving parametricity of selectors would be then a next step.


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Dear all,

I wonder whether there is any support for parametricity for records in Isabelle/HOL. In
particular, suppose I have a record

   record 'a test = test :: "'a => 'a list"

Then, I would like to get a relator

   rel_test_ext ::
"('a => 'b => bool) => ('m1 => 'm2 => bool)
=> ('a, 'm1) test_ext => ('b, 'm2) test => bool"

and appropriate parametricity rules for the constants generated by the record command. For

   test_parametric: "(rel_test_ext A B ==> A ==> list_all2 A) test test"

Do I have to derive the setup manually or is there some tool support available?


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