Re: [isabelle] Layout

No worries, you won't be forced to use those layout rules ;-)

The idea is to provide a consistent set for orientation, not to force anything on people.


> On 1 Jun 2015, at 00:52, W. Douglas Maurer <maurer at> wrote:
>> Part 3 will probably be the most controversial one - not because I'm planning to write anything special, but because layout is the easiest to have strong opinions on.
> I hope you're not going to try and force everyone to use the same layout. That goes against what happens in other segments of the computing world. Yes, if you work for a large corporation, they have their standard layout, and everybody who works for that corporation has to use that layout -- but the layout of every large corporation is different from that of every other large corporation, so there are lots of different layouts out there. -WDMaurer
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