Re: [isabelle] libisabelle - Isabelle - Isac

By the way, is there a reason why the Isac repository is a clone of

We are in an ongoing process of narrowing Isac towards Isabelle in several aspects. Some years ago we made a premature decision to just insert Isac into Isabelle's code --- and now we refrain from moving files in order to stay with efficient repository lookup via file logs.

Have you considered pulling the specific parts out and
registering it as an Isabelle component (according to Â1.1.3 of the
system manual)?

Thank you for this hint:
Probably both, Isac and libisabelle, would show up as Isabelle components in a clear architecture (where the latter would imply changes in libisabelle/sbt, as far as I see).

We'll tackle that once the transition from Isabelle2013-2's "isabelle tty" to libisabelle on Isabelle2014 is perfect.


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