[isabelle] *** Duplicate session "RAW"

annoyed by the above error message in another context I found, that

   isabisac$ .bin/isabelle jedit -l Isac

has appeased me with working nicely in faulty settings for a long time.
The faulty settings became apparent with

   isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle build -D . -d src/Tools/isac/ -b
   *** Duplicate session "Isac" (line 15 of "src/Tools/isac/ROOT") (line 15 of "/usr/local/isabisac/src/Tools/isac/ROOT")

where line 15 of "src/Tools/isac/ROOT" refers to [1] and the faulty
settings seem to be:

   isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle getenv ISABELLE_HOME
   ISABELLE_HOME=/usr/local/isabisac                        #(1) ok

   isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle getenv ISABELLE_HOME_USER
   ISABELLE_HOME_USER=/home/wneuper/.isabelle/Isabelle2014  #(2) NOT ok

system.pdf says that these variables are "determined automatically from
the location of the binary that has been run". Reading section 1.1.1,
however, I cannot figure out, how to change (2) to


Help is very much appreciated!


[1] https://intra.ist.tugraz.at/hg/isa/file/43c1e5222f0e/src/Tools/isac/ROOT#l15

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