Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2015: install problem on Win 7

> > Thus, the problem is that Isabelle's installer is looking for a
> > network drive to which I'm not attached.
> What exactly does it mean to be not attached?  Is this a directory that is
> sometimes on, and sometimes off?  So is it possible to reconnect that?

Thank you Makarius.  I'm trying to install Isabelle on my laptop.  Thus, at
times, it's not connected to the campus network, which hosts the drive.
> Did you manage with Isabelle2014?  There should be very little difference
> Isabelle2015.

I had the same problem with Isabelle2014.

> Anyway, what the Isabelle system environment tries here is to refer to the
> canonical user home directory ... 
> You can change that globally for all applications of your user account in
> the Windows Control Panel for "Environment Variables".  Just create a new
> entry like this:
>    /cygdrive/c/Users/Colin

Perfect - that's fixed it, so I'm again a member of the Isabelle community.

Thank you again Makarius.



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