[isabelle] CfP: ISR 2015

Dear all,

if you or your students want to know within an area related to Isabelleâs simplifier 
â rewriting â then the following call for participation might be interesting.



8th International School on Rewriting - ISR 2015
August 10-14, Leipzig, Germany

http://www.imn.htwk-leipzig.de/ISR2015/   (+)

* early registration deadline: July 1
* student research posters welcome, deadline: June 21

The program (see web site) contains pre-proceedings
with extended course descriptions, including motivation,
outline, prerequisites, and example problems.

(+) the URL might be rewritten to  nfa..., this is OK.


The 8th International School on Rewriting (ISR 2015)
is aimed at master and PhD students, researchers, and practitioners
interested in the study of rewriting concepts and their applications.

The school features lectures by renowned researchers in rewriting,
and is organized in two parallel tracks:

Basic: aimed at students that enter the field.

Aart Middeldorp and Sarah Winkler: Introductory Course

Advanced: several shorter courses, showing different areas
of rewriting research, with applications.

David Sabel and Manfred Schmidt-SchauÃ:
Rewriting Techniques for Correctness of Program Transformations
Makoto Hamana: Algebraic Semantics of Higher-Order Abstract Syntax
and Second-Order Rewriting
Santiago Escobar: Term Rewriting applied to
Cryptographic Protocol Analysis
Hans Zantema: SAT/SMT encodings for rewrite problems
Femke van Raamsdonk: Higher-Order Rewriting
Alfons Geser: Proving Abstract Rewriting Properties with PVS
Georg Moser: Termination and Complexity
Detlef Plump: Rule-based Graph Programming

Also, we encourage participants to submit a presentation of
their research, in the form of a poster. These posters will be reviewed
by experts in rewriting, and will be displayed and discussed during
the school.


Rewriting is a branch of computer science whose origins go back
to the origins of computer science itself (with Thue, Church, Post,
and many other prominent researchers). It has strong links with
mathematics, algebra, and logic, and it is the basis of well-known
programming paradigms like functional and equational programming.
In these programming paradigms and corresponding languages, the notions
of reduction, pattern matching, confluence, termination, strategy,
etc., are essential. Rewriting provides a solid framework for
understanding, using, and teaching all these notions. Rewriting
techniques are also used in many other areas of software engineering
(scripting, prototyping, automated transformation of legacy systems,
refactoring, web services, etc.) Rewriting techniques play a relevant
role in computing research, education, and industry.

International Schools on Rewriting are promoted
by the IFIP Working Group 1.6 Term Rewriting.

ISR 2015 organizing committee:
Alfons Geser, Christine KlÃden, and Johannes Waldmann.


Note: ISR 2015 is right after CADE
You can go from Berlin to Leipzig in 1 hour by train.

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