Re: [isabelle] Message output in Isabelle2014 and Isabelle2015

In Isabelle/jEdit, I've also noticed needing to scroll to see error
messages and goals disappearing when I start typing.  I have been using
multiple views to get everything I want on the screen at once and using
copy paste to keep a snapshot of a goal that I want to look at.

Remainder of this email wanders off topic...

> In ancient times when Proof General was alive and young (10-15 years
ago), people had rather large displays and power-users even a second
display just for goal state output.
> Today people expect to be able to do big things with tiny mobile devices.
With a really high resolution display (4K, 5K, Retina) it might actually
work, if the font size is set to traditional 12px.

I have run eclipse on my phone and it does work for a "Hello world!" demo
but isn't usable because the interface isn't optimised for touch and using
a mouse and keyboard puts you too far away from the tiny screen.  I think
Isabelle/jEdit would have the same problem on a small high res display.

At work and home, I switched to using 4K TVs for Isabelle/jEdit.  I have
one flat one and one curved one.  The better of the two is the curved one -
a 48" 4K SAMSUNG 48JU6800 (driven by a 9 series NVIDIA GTX @ 60Hz in UHD
colour mode to get 4:4:4 chroma for pixel perfect text).  The curve is
definitely a good thing as the left and right edges seem much farther away
on the flat one even though it is smaller at 40".

Both 4K TVs are very usable at normal monitor sitting distance and about
the same pixel density as traditional monitors so text isn't tiny.

My next step after getting the big screen was to replace my core i7 920
with a (used) Xeon x5680 and overclock it to 4.7 GHz using a new Corsair
H100i cooler and my existing ASUS Rampage II Gene motherboard and Seasonic

I used run_tests from seL4 to check stability and benchmark performance and
found that overclocking the RAM also made a significant improvement.

I thought I'd share the details because the big screen and massive
overclock made a huge improvement to usability of Isabelle/jEdit which now
feels fairly snappy.

Also it's a data point indicating available screen real estate for extra
windows for goals and error messages.

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