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On Mon, 1 Jun 2015, Toby Murray wrote:

There appears to be a long-standing issue with sig-alternate.cls and
Isabelle document preparation, dating back to at least 2004 [1], that is
currently biting me.

Specifically, \isabellestyle{it} causes paragraph text to be rendered in
italics when using sig-alternate.cls as the document class.

It looks like this has hit others in the past [2], where the solution
there seemed to be to avoid \isabellestyle{it} altogether and use
\isabellestyle{rm} instead [3].

Is there a standard workaround I can employ to have italic typeset maths when using sig-alternate.cls ?

(This thread still looks unresolved, although the deadline might already have passed.)

Isabelle document preparation is merely a certain schematic way to generate LaTeX macros. The meaning is defined by the LaTeX styles and other setup. The defaults work for the most common document classes, but nothing is for sure in LaTeX.

Included is the result of experimenting with sig-alternate.cls for 30min. It looks fine so far, compared to the standard example document for that style.

The main Isabelle macro setup is something like this:


Sometimes it is also necessary to redefine sectioning macros \isamarkupsection{} etc. The basic assumption is that the underlying \section{} resets all font styles as required, but this is not always the case.


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