Re: [isabelle] Sledgehammer - Cannot connect to server

Makarius wrote:

> What often helps in such situations are masses of users telling the author of such a tool to release it under a proper open-source license.
> Even the MS empire has eventually done that, and released Z3 in a manner that it could be included in Isabelle2015 for everyone to use freely.

Indeed, I have brought this up on a number of occasions, including at my invited Vampire 2014 talk (pp. 3-4):

Andrei and Laura told me they will happily provide binaries to anybody if they ask by email.

Since we now have a good collection of local provers (CVC4, E, SPASS, Z3), we do not need to rely on external provers by default, at least on 4-core machines. I have made a change to that effect in the repository (a9b71c82647b).


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