[isabelle] Automatic simplification of lambda terms of tuples

Dear all,

I have the following lemma within a theory:

theory Test imports Main

lemma lambda_true_top: "f (Î x . True) = F top"
  by (simp add: top_fun_def)


which I would like to use for lambda terms having different variables, like:
lemma "F (Î (x,y) . True) = F top" or
lemma "F (Î (x,y, (z, t), a, (b, c, d)) . True) = F top"
Now, if I use it as substitution rule, the goal is identical to the
lemmas to be proved and if I try to add it as simplification rule, a
failed application of proof method is raised.
How can I use lambda_true_top in this proof? Or how can I write my
original lemma such that it can be used to simplify a term like F (Î
(x,y, (z, t), a, (b, c, d)) . True) to F top in general? In my case F is
always a constant function.


Best regards,
Iulia Dragomir

Iulia Dragomir, Ph.D.
Aalto University School of Science
Department of Computer Science
PO Box 15400
FI-00076 Aalto
Email: iulia.dragomir at aalto.fi
Phone: +358 503 872710
Web: http://users.ics.aalto.fi/iulia

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