[isabelle] Open software engineer position at Inria Nancy

We are looking for a software engineer to fill a two-year full-time position at Inria Nancy - Grand-Est, to work on a successor to Nitpick: a stand-alone higher-order model finder, written in OCaml. The tool will target the hundreds of users of Isabelle, Coq, and similar systems, to help them debug their specifications. This model finder will be based on an SMT solver. Solid bases in functional programming and experience with logic are prerequisites.

This position can be interesting for an outgoing Ph.D. student or a strong programmer with a master's degree. Neither knowledge of French nor European citizenship are required. The monthly salary bracket is about 2600 to 3200 EUR gross for Ph.D. holders (otherwise: 2100 to 2600 EUR). See


for more details or contact me directly.



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