Re: [isabelle] Capturing Bound Variables with subst

Dear Scott,

In Isabelle2014, the instantiation attributes "of" and "where" support a "for" clause. This allows you to generalise over the variables in the instantiation expressions. For example, in the theorem

  whileLoop_add_inv [where M="\<lambda> (n', _). ptr_val n'" and I ="\<lambda> n' _. n' < p" for p]

the variable p is a schematic again, which the normal subst method can then unify with the parameter of the goal. In most cases, this is sufficient. Unfortunatelz, there is no subst_tac method that would allow you to refer to the parameters of the goal as the old-style tactic emulations *rule_tac.

Hope this helps,
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Hi All,

I'm currently trying to simplify a subgoal via a substitution. What I would
like to do is the following:

apply (subst whileLoop_add_inv [where M="\<lambda> (n', _). ptr_val n'" and
I ="\<lambda> n' _. n' < p"])

The problem is that "p" is bound by all (!!) to the entire scope of the
current subgoal, and subst apparently cannot express instantiations that
refer to such bound variables. The other alternative is to use an erule_tac
applied to subst. But I cannot figure out a way to invoke this rule while
also defining the schematic variables required by the rule

So it looks like I need something like a "subst_tac", which is not
currently a feature of Isabelle/HOL. Is there a way around this?

Many thanks in advance,

~Scott Constable

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