Re: [isabelle] case_names

On Thu, 26 Mar 2015, W. Douglas Maurer wrote:

To make really sure, you can always search the formal sources in $ISABELLE_HOME/src/Doc/Isar_Ref/.

I haven't been able to find $ISABELLE_HOME on the Web. I searched for both ISABELLE_HOME and $ISABELLE_HOME using Google, and all I found were a number of obsolete references. At one point, looking for something else, I was directed to -- is this what you mean by $ISABELLE_HOME?

No. Talking about source files I was referring to the default Isabelle source editor, which is Isabelle/jEdit. The above $ISABELLE_HOME/src/Doc/Isar_Ref works literally in its file-dialog, even on Windows.

See also the Isabelle/jEdit manual that is accessible in the application itself, in the prominent Documentation panel.


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