Re: [isabelle] Document preparation hints

(trying to revive an old thread from January 2014, see[1]
for the mail exchange).

Dear list,

> Since Isabelle/Scala is the actual system programming interface, not
> the command line shell, some time can be saved by working continously
> within "isabelle scala" like this:
>   $ isabelle scala
>   scala> import isabelle.
>   scala> = Options.init, progress = new 
Build.Console_Progress(verbose = false), more_dirs = List((true, 

>  This imitates "isabelle build -D." from the system manual. The
>  invocation of is repeated every time the document sources 
>  been edited and saved to the file-system. The above avoids repeated re
>  -bootingand re-warming of the JVM to run Isabelle/Scala, and 
>  speeds up the exploration of source dependencies.

I am interested in doing the document preparation and the building 
automatically  in Isabelle 2015-RC4. After looking at the build.scala file, I 
came up with:

scala > = Options.init, progress = new 
Build.Console_Progress(verbose = false), select_dirs = List(Path.explode 

but this does not rebuild whenever a files is saved. Is there a way to 
achieve this with Isabelle's upcoming version?

Thanks in advance,

> Further time may be saved by reducing the underlying session in the
> ROOT file to the bare minimum. Full "HOL" is quite bulky -- sometimes
> "Pure" is sufficient, or one may compose a suitable base image on the
> spotstarting with the HOL theory Main, instead of Complex_Main.

> Hopefully, this is the last season that we are doing this archaic batch
> -processing of Isabelle documents ...

> 	Makarius


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