Re: [isabelle] libisabelle: embedding into application

> However, with (1) we see a principal obstacle: Translation from Scala's
> XML.Tree into Java objects requires import of the objects' definitions
> somewhere in libisabelle/examples.

The "examples" module already depends on all that, so importing that
should work, at least from Scala. From Java, the situation is more
difficult because of the intricacies of how Scala nested classes/objects
are being compiled to JVM class files.

> (1a) Another possibility is to configure compilation in the Scala IDE,
> but here we are only partially successful, too.
> We still hope to finally use libisabelle-full.jar as a library for our
> front-end, where the library knows as little as possible about the
> front-end.

That is indeed the goal. Ideally, the 'libisabelle' sources should
remain unchanged and applications can just include that JAR file and add
operations, handlers, ...

If that doesn't work, something is wrong on my side. Does the full JAR
not include everything, or does Eclipse doesn't like it?


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