Re: [isabelle] Moving the AFP away from SourceForge

Lars Hupel just informed me that DOIs cost a significant amount of money, apparently. (several hundred USD per year)

Another solution would be NBN-Resolving, which is affiliated with the German National Library:

The TUM library is a partner institution of them, they use it e.g. for PhD theses, so they seem to have some access to NBN-Resolving. I wonder if we could use that as well, by going through the TUM library?


On 28/05/15 11:50, Manuel Eberl wrote:
The obvious solution that comes to my mind for the URL persistence problem is to obtain a DOI for every AFP entry. As far as I know, solving this kind of problem is precisely their purpose.


On 28/05/15 11:47, Gerwin Klein wrote:
Hosting is not the problem, there are plenty of options that we can figure out.


On 28.05.2015, at 19:38, Lars Hupel <hupel at> wrote:

Better alternatives exist, for example Bitbucket. They also offer
repository hosting, web hosting, and file download.
I need to adjust this claim. The web hosting support neither offers SSI
(which, if I remember correctly, is used by the AFP), nor custom
domains. But that could be done by pushing the generated web pages to
some server at, say, TUM.


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