Re: [isabelle] Failing afp-2015 build

> * it's still running on my machine, but the build has progressed well
> beyond "TSO"

Update: Build has finished on my quad-core Core i7.

Timing ConcurrentGC (4 threads, 3055.987s elapsed time, 7458.113s cpu
time, 643.593s GC time, factor 2.44)
Finished ConcurrentGC (0:51:48 elapsed time, 2:05:59 cpu time, factor 2.43)
Finished at Wed Nov 11 21:58:23 CET 2015
0:51:52 elapsed time, 2:06:15 cpu time, factor 2.43

It is still running on an 8 core "cloud" machine, but that one has also
progressed beyond "TSO".

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