Re: [isabelle] 64 bit distro available?

On Sun, 22 Nov 2015, Daniel Horne wrote:

I'm running into situations where the polyml executable is running out of memory and being killed when it uses ~4Gb of memory.

It is relatively rare that Isabelle applications run out of ML heap memory. It might indicate an abnormal situation, e.g. a non-terminating tool that allocates data structures indefinitely.

The machine I'm working on has 12Gb of ram, so I thought I might attack this problem by using a 64-bit version of the relevant programs.

In order to switch the ML system into x86_64 mode, you can edit $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/settings like this:


Isabelle/jEdit supports symbolic file names with $ literally as written above.

This only works on Linux and Mac OS X. For Windows, native x86-windows and x86_64-windows support will come with the next release (at the start of 2016). In that release, switching to 64bit will be also easier, via a single system option.

-Are there any pre-built 64-bit versions available for either windows or linux?

The official Isabelle application bundles are "pre-built" concerning everything except heap images. These are built as required on demand.


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