Re: [isabelle] using beamer in document preparation

> I created a minimal example theory-imports-main-begin, a ROOT file and
> rewrote document/root.tex to use the beamer class and the build has failed.
> Running pdflatex directly in output/document resulted in
>     ! LaTeX Error: Option clash for package hyperref.
> this is because of inconsistent invocations of the hyperref package. I could not
> find any
>    \usepackage{hyperref}
> in output/document.

Because it is with options in pdfsetup.thy .

My ad-hoc solution was to create a beamerpdfsetup.sty, list it at document_files in the ROOT file and make root.tex use this beamerpdfsetup.sty.

suggests that instead of 


one should use


to avoid the double invocation of the hyperref package, as beamer.cls already invokes it. This works now.

I do not know whether this is backwards compatible with non-beamer classes. If there is an interest I can investigate this.

- Gergely

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