[isabelle] VCLA International Student Awards: Call for Nominations 2015

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The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms announces the 2015 edition
of the VCLA International Student Awards and calls for the nomination
of authors of outstanding scientific works in the field of Logic and
Computer Science, in the following two categories:

* Outstanding Master Thesis Award, to be given to the author of an
outstanding thesis for obtaining a Masters degree or equivalent (2nd
cycle Bologna process).

* Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, to be given to the author
of an outstanding thesis or final project for obtaining a Bachelors
degree or equivalent (1st cycle Bologna process).

In both categories, the work must make an original contribution to a
research field that can be classified as part of Logic in Computer
Science, understood broadly as the use of logic as a tool that enables
computer programs to reason about the world. The main areas of
interest are:

* Databases and Artificial Intelligence

* Verification

* Computational Logic

The committee will select a winner for each category. The winners will
be invited to Vienna to present their project and participate in a
festive award ceremony. Additionally, the Outstanding Master Thesis
Award category is accompanied by a prize of 1,200 EUR, and the
Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award by a prize of 800 EUR.

Important Dates:

Nomination deadline: November 15, 2015 (AoE)
Notification of the committee’s decision: early February 2016
Award ceremony: Spring 2016
Further information: http://logic-cs.at/award/award-call-2015/

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