[isabelle] Mathematics: Algorithms and Proofs 2016: Call for Participation

* MAP 2016, call for participation *
MAP=Mathematics: Algorithms and Proofs
The next MAP meeting "Effective Analysis:
Foundations, Implementations, Certification", will take place at the
CIRM (Marseilles, France) from 2016-01-11 to 2016-01-15.

Effective analysis is the foundation of both symbolic and numerical
algorithms which compute properties of continuous objects and of their
implementation in mathematical software. This workshop aims to bring
together researchers from different areas, interested in effective
methods in analysis and geometry, and by the design and implementation
of efficient and certified algorithms. Its objective is to stimulate
discussions between communities that do not so often meet in
traditional venues and to foster interactions between their different
but complementary perspectives, in the tradition of the meetings of
the MAP community. It will address perspectives from proof theory,
type theory, constructive analysis, machine-checked mathematics,
implementation of real/float/interval arithmetic, computer algebra
systems, including those based on new paradigms like quantum

Pre-registerations are opened until *before October 31st* on the
website of the event. At this stage, this just requires entering your
email address.

The website of the event is: http://scientific-events.weebly.com/1508.html

The meeting will consist of invited lectures (see the list of speakers on the
website) and of contributed talks. We will come back to the pre-registered
participants in a few weeks to collect the propositions of contributed talks.

The CIRM provides a generous but limited support for local expenses (food +
accommodation). If you would like to apply for it, please do pre-register as
early as possible.

Find local information about the CIRM here:

Kind regards,

Assia Mahboubi
Bas Spitters
Peter Schuster

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