Re: [isabelle] splash?

On Wed, 21 Oct 2015, Makarius wrote:

On Wed, 21 Oct 2015, Rustom Mody wrote:

 Starting as
 always opens scratch.thy
 Starting as
 $ -nosplash
 opens blank

 Is this the expected behavior?

Yes, because the command-line is non-empty and thus there is no default added.

Note that is merely an auxiliary script to the main Isabelle application wrapper on Linux. You normally invoke it by double-clicking on the Desktop.

Command-line invocations are done with "isabelle jedit" and its various options. A short description is printed like this:

 Isabelle2015/bin/isabelle jedit -?

A long description is in the "jedit" manual, which is accessible in the Document panel, or on the command-line like this:

 Isabelle2015/bin/isabelle doc jedit

Reading this a second time, I guess that you merely wanted to disable the splash screen, and not play with command-line options.

See the regular jEdit menu Utilities / Global Options / Appearance: Show splash screen on startup.


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