Re: [isabelle] Isabelle Foundation & Certification

Dear Larry, 

You wrote: 
>> I'd like to point out again that users need to take responsibility for their own definitions. I regularly see proofs that are valueless because they are based on incorrect definitions.  
>> To my mind, a soundness bug is when a valid expression or proof state is transformed into something wrong. The problem identified here are that Isabelle is failing to prohibit certain definitions that don't 
>> make sense. There is no claim that Isabelle is doing anything wrong with these definitions. It's hard to believe that a user could make such definitions accidentally.

Your position here puzzles me now as much as it did the last time we talked about this. Let's forget about Isabelle/HOL for a second, and think of a logic L with axioms and deduction rules, but no definitions. 
Further, assume that L is known, or strongly believed to be consistent, in that it does not prove False. Now consider L_D, the logic L augmented with definitional mechanisms. This augmented logic should of course not prove False either! Writing meaningful definitions is the user's responsibility, but having the definitions consistent is the logic L_D's responsibility. Guaranteed consistency distinguishes definitions from arbitrary new axioms -- I learned this years ago from your papers and books.      

You wrote: 
>> It would be interesting to find out how these problems were identified: whether they were looked for out of curiosity, or whether on the other hand they manifested themselves 
>> in the course of an actual proof.

Ondra discovered the typedef inconsistency, so he is the best person to answer this. 

All the best, 


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