Re: [isabelle] Report from our Isabelle course

On 20/07/16 11:00, Joachim Breitner wrote:
>  * Some suggested that it would be nice to have the documentation
>    available as a website, and not just PDFs. Websites have the
>    advantage that they are searchable by Google & co, easily linkable,
>    and generally more accessible than the somewhat rigid PDF format.
>     I think this is a worthwhile suggestion and one that might be
>     doable, at least if the TeX code producing the PDF documentation is
>     structured well enough to be fed to one of the TeX-to-HTML-
>     conversion tools.

We are trying to move towards high-quality HTML presentation for about
10 years. The idea is to use the document structure of Isabelle + PIDE
markup directly, instead of LaTeX-to-HTML conversion.

With markup commands like 'chapter', 'section', 'text', and markdown
inside the text body + antiquotations there is very little left for
actual LaTeX. Maybe some advanced TeX math typesetting in rare
situations, where formal text typesetting of Isabelle is not sufficient.
At some point there might be a @{math} antiquotation for $...$, which
could be translated to HTML by MathJax.

Actually doing that reform of HTML document preparation will take an
unspecified time as usual: it might happen tomorrow in or 10 more years.

In the mean time, authors of Isabelle documentation can update their
sources to Isabelle markdown + antiquotations as much as possible. There
is still relatively much raw LaTeX in manuals that are not in my


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