Re: [isabelle] Continuing with a proof after a failed 'done'

On 02/08/16 16:48, Lars Hupel wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
>> Just insert a "sorry" after the failing "done" and you can go on.
> of course, that's a possibility, but I don't understand why 'done' and
> 'by' behave differently there in the first place.

After so many years, PIDE document editing still lacks substructural

The 'by' command is based on a special trick, using
Proof.future_terminal_proof: it pretends to be finished on the toplevel
and forks the actual work.

The 'sorry' and '\<proof>' commands always finish, imitating the same

All other proof commands just work sequentially on the surface.

Only recently, I have started to introduce some formal source structure
for indentation in the editor. More will come eventually, and error
handling in continuous checking should somehow participate.


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