[isabelle] CfP: 3rd Workshop in MILS: Architecture and Assurance for Secure Systems

Dear Isabelle-users,

as you know, MILS (Multiple Indepent Levels of Security/Safety) is about
decomposing systems into components, that each have manageable 
security policies, which, for example, can be modelled in Isabelle/HOL
(see e.g. Koolen/Schmaltz, "Modeling Information Routing with Noninterference", 

Please consider to submit an abstract or forward to potentially
interested colleagues.

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14-16 March 2017
Nuremberg, Germany

Co-located with the Embedded World Conference 2017

Important dates:
Abstract due:		07 September, 2016
Reviews/decisions:    	26 October, 2016
Final Paper (ISBN):   	20 January 20, 2017

- MILS Workshop http://mils-workshop.euromils.eu/

- Submission http://www.embedded-world.eu/call-for-papers.html

You are invited to submit your contribution to the International
Workshop on MILS.

MILS* is a high-assurance security architecture based on the concepts of
separation and controlled information flow. The MILS architectural
approach is all about decomposition of a system design into
well-understood components and their interactions with the goal to
achieve composable architecture and composable assurance for the
designed system. The composability of architecture and assurance  for
secure systems is a grand challenge, which we undertake to meet using
the MILS architectural approach.

Architecture composition defines a secure system from trustworthy
components and system architecture. The MILS framework for composable
architecture is based on a separation kernel (which has overlapping
functionality with a hypervisor) that creates partitions to separate
different security domains. Such a separation kernel often needs to
support real-time because there are many use-cases in embedded systems.
Assurance composition targets creating an assurance argument for the
overall system from arguments of its components and the system's
security architecture. The workshop also welcomes contributions on the
industrial application of the MILS architecture, assurance and
certification frameworks, attack methods and templates for MILS systems,
as well as presenting the MILS  community.

Workshop topics:
The workshop topics are but not limited to:
*	MILS architectural approach for security and safety
*	MILS components and eco-system
*	MLS systems and their relation to MILS systems
*	MILS use-cases, e.g. from avionics, automotive, communications,
industrial automation, medical, railway, consumer and similar domains.
*	Real-time separation kernels
*	MILS evaluation and certification
*	MILS testing and vulnerability analysis of MILS systems
*	Application of novel and existing information flow models/policies
*	Cross-European/world-wide high-assurance security
*	Formal methods for MILS systems as a basis for high assurance

Abstract submission:
This is a workshop and we are looking for interesting experience, work,
and ideas (possibly preliminary and exploratory) that will stimulate
discussion and thought around MILS concepts and challenges. At this
stage, submissions are in the form of abstracts. Submission should
clearly shows industrial relevance.

Submissions should be made via Embedded World online portal at
When submitting your abstract please choose contribution topic area
"8.5 MILS: Architecture and Assurance for Secure and Safe Systems".
Abstracts are submitted in plain text and must be 3000 characters max.
(including white-space).

If your abstract is accepted you will be invited to submit a
paper/slides. Papers/slides of accepted talks will be published at
conference proceedings (ISBN) and
https://zenodo.org/collection/user-mils/ (DOI).

- Sergey Tverdyshev, SYSGO AG, Germany
  sergey.tverdyshev at sysgo.com
- Embedded World Conference, Renate Ester

* Historically MILS stands for "Multiple Independent Levels of Security"
and today is considered as a proper noun.

Holger Blasum
SYSGO AG Office Mainz
Am Pfaffenstein 14 / D-55270 Klein-Winternheim / Germany
Phone: +49-6136-9948-425 / Fax: +49-6136-9948-10 / SIP:hbl at sysgo.com
E-mail: holger.blasum at sysgo.com / Web: http://www.sysgo.com

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