Re: [isabelle] Proposal: An update to Multiset theory

Florian Haftmann wrote:
> I have no objection towards Bertram's proposed extension.


How shall we proceed? As I hinted at earlier I do not have (nor want, at
this point) push access, but I can prepare a patch or clone of the repo,
if that helps, or just provide a plain theory file that works with the
development version of Isabelle.

> > lemma [code]:
> >   "multp P N M â (let Z = M #â N; X = M - Z
> >    in X â {#} â (let Y = N - Z in (âyâ#Y. Multiset.Bex X (P y))))"
> >   by (simp add: multp_def)
> for an efficient execution.

That's an easy change to make; in fact we can simply adjust the
definition of multp itself accordingly, without losing any proofs.

Does this affect the verdict on having both multp and multeqp?



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