[isabelle] Postdoctoral position at Virginia Tech on Isabelle/HOL

A postdoctoral position is available in the Systems Software Research Group
(http://www.ssrg.ece.vt.edu/) at Virginia Tech on a project involving
formally verifying experimental software systems. The project's goals
include verifying components of experimental Linux kernels (e.g., Popcorn
Linux; http://popcornlinux.org/), compiler backends and run-times (e.g.,
HydraVM; http://www.hydravm.org/hydra), and transactional memory
concurrency libraries (e.g., Hyflow; http://www.hyflow.org/), which are
being developed by the group and transitioned into production contexts of

Recent computer science/engineering PhD graduates with formal methods
background (e.g., Isabelle/HOL) are sought. The position is for three years
minimum, with strong possibilities for additional years. For the right
candidate, a research faculty position may also be possible. Contact Prof.
Binoy Ravindran (binoy at vt.edu) with a CV or for any questions.

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