Re: [isabelle] Feature request: per-text area history

On 03/11/16 11:32, Corey Richardson wrote:
> One minor annoyance when using Isabelle/jEdit is that history navigation
> is not local to a text area. In particular, if I create a split and
> follow a "hyperlink" via ctrl-click, then go do some work and jump
> around in the other split, pressing "back" will undo the navigation I
> did in the other split before going back in the split.
> Ideally, the navigation commands would act on the currently-focused text
> area/pane/window/whatever jargon jEdit uses.

The connection of the Isabelle plugin with the Navigator plugin of jEdit
is rather minimal, see

jEdit actually has its own documentation for the Navigator plugin (see
Help F1). There are some options for the scope: "View Scope" vs.
"EditPane Scope". The description of the latter sounds like what you
have in mind.

The jEdit project has its own channels to discuss
problems or misunderstandings. Moreover see


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