Re: [isabelle] Performance regression in 2016-1 with character strings.

On 16/12/16 14:55, Makarius wrote:
> On 16/12/16 05:54, Thomas.Sewell at wrote:
>> We're sorry we didn't notice how significant the impact was until after 
>> the release.
> Can you explain what went wrong in the release process?
> The first release candidate on 01-Nov-2016, more than 6 weeks ago.

Sorry, I've got this wrong. says:

  On 28-Oct-2016 the release candidate Isabelle2016-1-RC1 was published.
Serious testing by users is now required, to expose remaining problems.

That was exactly 7 weeks ago -- a very long time. Since such
post-release problems of users have happened routinely in recent years,
I would like to know what can be done about it.

Maybe we should offer some "premium user" program: Improvements of
published releases are charged $$$.


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