Re: [isabelle] Thy_Load structure don't exists for Windows

On 15/12/16 22:16, Nemouchi Yakoub wrote:
> In Isabelle 2016 the structure Thy_Load  does not exist (at least for
> Windows distribution).
> The function Thy_Load.master_directory is renamed
>  Resources.master_directory
> No of these changes are mentioned in the NEWS.

Do you mean Isabelle2016 (February 2016) or the current Isabelle2016-1
(December 2016)? Anyway, the renaming of structure Thy_Load to Resources
happened between Isabelle2013-2 (December 2013) and Isabelle2014 (August

The NEWS file covers only "history of user-relevant changes", while the
true history is managed by Mercurial. Both need to be consulted

Not every small change ends up in NEWS: the above could have been added
or not, depending on an estimate how user-relevant it really is. The
master_directory has actually become a bit less relevant to Isabelle/ML
user codes, because Resources.parse_files and
Resources.provide_parse_files have taken over the details of managing
external sources in a way that also works with the Prover IDE (but that
important change is not document either -- it needs to be derived from
the typical uses in the sources).

> And imao this line: "ThyLoad ~> Thy_Load" in the NEWS file is useless the
> structure does not even exist.

NEWS contains the cumulative (immutable) history of user-relevant
changes. The renaming of "ThyLoad ~> Thy_Load" belongs to Isabelle2009-2
(June 2010). This can be seen in the SideKick tree view of
Isabelle/jEdit -- the NEWS file says in the very beginning:

  Note: Isabelle/jEdit shows a tree-view of the NEWS file in Sidekick.

I find it very hard to work without the Prover IDE these days. It is
relevant for the NEWS file, ROOT files, ML files, thy files ...


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