Re: [isabelle] Thy_Load structure don't exists for Windows

Dear Yakoub,

I believe I can answer that one:

> On 16.12.2016, at 20:43, Nemouchi Yakoub <y.nemouchi at> wrote:
> My point by saying the line "ThyLoad ~> Thy_Load" is useless was to mention
> that:
> If a given change on a function or a module was relevant why at some point
> changes happen on the same thing with the assumption that it is not
> relevant anymore.

Isabelle is developed by many people over many (30) years. Asking us to be 100% consistent in terms of determining what is relevant for the NEWS file is asking too much of mere human beings.

As a general rule, you can assume that the vast majority of changes to the ML interface are not going to be documented (beyond the Mercurial history). This is unfortunate, but documenting every change would put a too heavy burden on the developers, given the ratio "users of ML interface : developers". For a project with 10, 100, or 1000 users (and, hopefully, more developers and higher salaries for them and no requirement to publish or perish), the situation would be different.



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