Re: [isabelle] announcing AFP 2016-1

Dear (prospective) AFP authors,

> The Archive of Formal Proofs is now available for Isabelle2016-1 from
> As always, previous releases for previous Isabelle versions remain available, and there is a whole host of (ten) new entries available from the front page.
> Our new statistics page is now also available for the release version. You can watch the archive growing and prospering at

the submission system has also been updated to work with Isabelle2016-1.
Also, we have implemented a couple of new features since initial launch
in March. Most notably, it is now possible to submit multiple entries at
once, and the submission system performs some additional checks on the
sources (e.g. use of prohibited commands).

As always: in case something doesn't work as expected, please feel free
to mail me (or the mailing list).


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