Re: [isabelle] No text rendered in jEdit after wakeup from suspend

I'm not at all sure that it's actually the same problem (with eclipse) - just the same symptom. It *seems* to be the case that the UI components aren't redrawn after waking up. If you play with the window long enough (minimise/maximise, alt-tab, ...) it seems to eventually come good.

I've got Intel integrated graphics, with the driver.


On 20/12/16 21:07, Makarius wrote:
On 20/12/16 12:58, David Cock wrote:
I can confirm the behaviour, but I have no suggestions.  Seems to be a
common symptom among a number of applications - eclipse does almost
exactly the same thing.
We are somehow used to odd problems with Java/AWT/Swing, but Eclipse has
its own rendering via SWT. Are you sure that is the same problem?

Searching on the web I've found tracker items like this:

They seem to be related to Linux graphics driver problems. What is your
graphics hardware and driver?


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