Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC0: cvc4 crashing

Hi Makarius,

> Did the situation change in the past 2 weaks? Supposedly not, since the cvc4 component in Isabelle2016-RC2 did not change in the meantime.

(Nothing changed, except that 2 weeks ago was 1 week before the IJCAR deadline, whereas now is 6 hours before the extended deadline...)

> The question remains, if there is a problem with that cvc4 compilation, or something else on that particular Ubuntu 14.04 installation.
> Jasmin, if you want to change anything for Isabelle2016, the remaining time is about 1 week.

The issue is not a regression -- the binaries are identical in Isabelle2015 and Isabelle2016-RC*. I'd rather not do anything that might break things for other users at this point. I'll investigate things privately with Eugene and hopefully have a satisfactory fix for him and for Isabelle2016-1.


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