Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC0: cvc4 crashing

Hi Eugene,

> I sent Jasmin one of the problem files that he asked for, but I didn't hear if it was useful to him.

It is still on my radar, but due to a seminar this week it might still take some time before I come back to you.

> By the way, perhaps this is associated with the crashing, but I
> find that hundreds and hundreds of megabytes of files are left in
> /tmp/isabelle-xxx folders.  Examples: kodkodiXXXXXX.kki",
> "kodkodiXXXXXX.err", "bash_errXXXXXXX", etc.  Yesterday after a
> 5-hour session, there were about 3GB of such files that were not
> deleted when I exited Isabelle -- enough to fill up my root
> partition

This is somewhat puzzling. The "kodkodi*" files, for example, should all be removed as soon as Nitpick has come back to you. Could there be an issue with the permissions?



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