Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC0: cvc4 crashing

Dear Eugene,

I'm bringing back this to the mailing list, since it might be of general interest.

> On 02.02.2016, at 00:29, Eugene W. Stark <stark at> wrote:
> From memory: no error in Isabelle, just a pop-up "explosion" icon on the Ubuntu
> launcher, indicating that a program has crashed.  I will turn on the [verbose]
> option if you tell me exactly how to do it.  I haven't played very much with lots
> of options and I don't know the syntax for them, mostly.

I see! Then I think this is something that is potential affecting everybody. CVC4 doesn't like being killed. This I have experienced first hand, when invoking it from the command line. I will investigate and report this to the CVC4 developers.

I hope you can find a workaround to avoid any distraction from the Ubuntu launcher. Otherwise, there's always the option of swapping CVC4 out and Z3 in...



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