Re: [isabelle] Funny font metrics in the Search and Replace dialog [Isabelle2016-RC2]

On Fri, 29 Jan 2016, Makarius wrote:

On Fri, 29 Jan 2016, Clemens Ballarin wrote:

 If I install IsabelleText I'm warned about a minor issue and asked to
 proceed with caution (see attached screenshot and report).  But installing
 changes the behaviour of Isabelle in two ways:

 * Text in main window is narrower
 * Metrics in search dialog is correct

What is missing in the main text area is proper bold. Hopefully this will display correctly after installing IsabelleTextBold as well. (Otherwise we are back to strange Apple/Java font rendering problems from Java 6.)

I am also puzzled that no other OSX Retina user has seen this problem before (or seen and not reported).

In the meantime I've had a chance to look at 2-3 Macs with Retina. The problem occurs both for Isabelle2015 (with Java 7) and Isabelle2016-RC3 (with Java 8).

Depending on the point size of the main text area, the deviation in the text field (e.g. Search dialog) varies. Sometimes it is hardly visible at all.

Conclusion for this release: it is not a regression so there are no further attempts to finish the work of Apple and Oracle. Instead there is a bit of documentation in the Isabelle/jEdit manual:


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