Re: [isabelle] Disk usage in ~/.isabelle/contrib

On Mon, 8 Feb 2016, Matthew Fernandez wrote:

You are completely correct, Makarius. I forgot that we (Data61) were using a repository snapshot, rather than a release.

 Why not use the shrink-wrapped official release? (This is not a
 rhetoric question, but the key question on this thread.)

Entirely correct.

So what are the reasons for people at Data61 using a repository snapshot?
I thought that vice had been given up in 2005.

Or is it an official Isabelle release that has been "spiced up" by local patches?

In the latter case, I recommend to produce a proper release locally, with a name that is derived from the official one, but different from it. E.g. like this:

  hg tag Isabelle2016-Data61
  Admin/Release/build -O -r Isabelle2016-Data61

This works in Linux and Mac OS X (e.g. Mountain Lion), but the latter is required to produce macos bundles. Linux can produce only linux and windows bundles, and the fonts of documentation is bad, because Gerwin and Tobias like strange fonts.


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