Re: [isabelle] Isabelleʼs getsettings somehow broken

On Thu, 11 Feb 2016, Lars Hupel wrote:

Quite recently (a few months ago?), the encoding of shell functions in
bash had been changed to a avoid security hole (Âshell shockÂ).  I do
not recall the details, but maybe this is also relevant here.

I think your assessment is correct. See also


Also, it's not just Debian. On my Arch system, I also see the suffix.
For example, `isabelle env` contains

 BASH_FUNC_isabelle_scala%%=() ...

This is bash version 4.3.042. Arch is well-known for rarely patching
upstream sources.

I see the same in official bash-4.4-beta, so the GNU guys have picked that up already. It probably means that dash is again the problem, and not bash nor Debian.


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