Re: [isabelle] adhoc_overloading Monad_Syntax.bind

Hi Tobias,

AFAIK the situation has not changed since August 2015:

So there's no way to reliably use adhoc_overlaoding with abbreviations.


On 12/02/16 10:09, Tobias Nipkow wrote:
I have problems combining adhoc_overloading Monad_Syntax.bind with abbreviations. In the
context of HOL-Probability:

adhoc_overloading Monad_Syntax.bind bind_pmf

abbreviation "f x y == (bind_pmf x (return_pmf o Pair y))"
term "f a b"

The output of the "term" command is the ugly rhs of the abbreviation (with infix >>=). How
can I phrase the abbreviation to make it work? Maybe with the help of some translation?

Thanks a lot for quick answers!

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