Re: [isabelle] @{command and "fixes"

On Mon, 15 Feb 2016, Buday Gergely wrote:

writes that the @{command antiquotation can be used via

ML_file "$ISABELLE_HOME/src/Doc/antiquote_setup.ML"

However, \item @{command "fixes"} is not accepted by Isabelle2015.

Is "fixes" not a command in this sense, or just the above file is not ready for handling this case?

No it is a minor keyword, not a command keyword.

Isabelle2016 has various improvements to typeset Isar theory text, see NEWS:

* Antiquotation @{theory_text} prints uninterpreted theory source text
(Isar outer syntax with command keywords etc.). This may be used in the
short form \<^theory_text>\<open>...\<close>. @{theory_text [display]} supports option "indent".

* Antiquotations @{command}, @{method}, @{attribute} print checked entities of the Isar language.

Which means the Isar antiquotations are there by default, but not needed for quick informal snippets that should like like formal text.


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