Re: [isabelle] folding and linking in jEdit; curry/split

On Thu, 18 Feb 2016, Lars Hupel wrote:

Then jEdit will load all the theories from HOL for you and you can Ctrl-Click there as usual.

Since the name "jEdit" has been used in the wrong sense twice on this thread, here is the relevant quote from the Isabelle/jEdit manual:

    â[jEdit] is a sophisticated text editorââ at {url
    ""}â; implemented in Javaââ at {url
    ""}â;. It is easily extensible by plugins written in
    any language that works on the JVM. In the context of Isabelle this is
    always Scalaââ at {url ""}â;.

    â[Isabelle/jEdit] is the main application of the PIDE framework and
    the default user-interface for Isabelle. It targets both beginners and
    experts. Technically, Isabelle/jEdit consists of the original jEdit
    code base with minimal patches and a special plugin for Isabelle. This
    is integrated as a desktop application for the main operating system
    families: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X.

  End-users of Isabelle download and run a standalone application that
  exposes jEdit as a text editor on the surface. Thus there is
  occasionally a tendency to apply the name ``jEdit'' to any of the
  Isabelle Prover IDE aspects, without proper differentiation. When
  discussing these PIDE building blocks in public forums, mailing lists,
  or even scientific publications, it is particularly important to
  distinguish Isabelle/ML versus Standard ML, Isabelle/Scala versus Scala,
  Isabelle/jEdit versus jEdit.

The situation in Isabelle is very complex, but by mixing up names, it becomes just one big bog that nobody understands anymore.


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