Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2016-RC0 available for testing

> Informally it was just normal garbage collection: historically there
> were only odd tar.gz archives, later they emerged into proper
> application bundles, and from that perspectives the tar.gz could be seen
> as obsolete.

But if I'm reading this changeset right, it's still a tarball. I don't
have a strong opinion here, but I think there should be at least some
platform "identifier" in the file name (e.g. ".exe", ".dmg",

> See this later change after Isabelle2016-RC0:
> changeset:   62032:620d3f63ead1
> tag:         tip
> user:        wenzelm
> date:        Fri Jan 01 19:52:00 2016 +0100
> files:       Admin/lib/Tools/makedist_bundle
> description:
> keep generic archive for all platforms -- required for
> Admin/Release/build_library;

Thanks, that's very helpful. To clarify: With RC1, the usual tarballs
will be back?

> I was also thinking of libisabelle, but not sure about its precise
> requirements.  The general principle behind this to provide "headless"
> distribution bundles, not just "apps".  So we shall keep that until
> there is yet another better idea.

libisabelle is only able to unpack tarballs (not via a Unix-style "tar"
shell invocation, but via some pure JVM code). It is able to re-use an
existing Isabelle installation, too, but automatic download & unpacking
is very useful for non-Isabelle users, e.g. when Leon users want to try
out the Isabelle backend without knowing anything about Isabelle. The
existing code in libisabelle supports that for Isabelle2014 and 2015
under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


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