[isabelle] Cantor's Theorem

To test the slightly updated HTML presentation in Isabelle2016-RC0 here is an updated proof of Cantor's Theorem in HOL:


It is a return to plain reasoning, ignoring special tricks from the early 1990s to make it work "automagically".

As a proof of the elementary nature of the theorem in Higher-Order Logic, here is also a version based on Pure + basic HOL: http://isabelle.in.tum.de/website-Isabelle2016-RC0/dist/library/HOL/HOL-Isar_Examples/Higher_Order_Logic.html (subsection âCantor's Theoremâ). No automated reasoning tools are available at that point. Not even the classical rule.

Technical remark: in these HTML pages the IsabelleText font is provided by the server. So it should (in theory) work out everywhere without Unicode dropouts. It should look exactly like in jEdit (not Isabelle/jEdit, because the semantic markup is missing).


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