Re: [isabelle] Eisbach: Method command: Documentation text

On Mon, 17 Aug 2015, Daniel Matichuk wrote:

There is currently no way to add documentation text to Eisbach methods. I don't think the feature is considered deprecated, it was just overlooked for the first release. I believe the canonical syntax for this is simply an optional string at the end of the declaration (e.g. named_theorems). I'll look into it.

I had a very brief look. There is a syntax problem that prevents to follow the canonical form: the method body consists of "args" without requiring delimeters. E.g. it is possible to define

  method a = rule refl

A post-fix description does not fit into that model: it is unclear where the method expression ends and the description starts.

Even a stricter method body that demands parentheses would render the syntax somewhat fragile, e.g. unclear errors with partial input.

I am unsure about the practical relevance of that. Descriptions are only available in rare situations, mainly historical accidents that were propagated from the original attribute and method concepts.


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